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Some of our favorite links

Click on the name to open a new page to that site -

The American Orchid Society
One of the best sites for orchids on the internet. There are many benefits to membership and the Prairie State Orchid Society is an affiliate. Check out the care sheets.

Mid-America Orchid Congress
The Mid-America Orchid Congress is  an organization of orchid societies dedicated to preservation of orchids in their natural habitats, the propagation of orchids by seed and cuttings, the development of new and better plants through breeding, and providing information to growers who subscribe to their principles. (Prairie State Orchid Society is a member.)

The Central Illinois Orchid Society
The site of the orchid society in Champaign. 

The Illinois Orchid Society
The site of one of the orchid societies in the Chicago area. 

The Orchid Society of Greater St. Louis
 Keep up with what is happening just across the river. Plus look for their shows at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

The Orchid Digest
 When you're serious about orchids (is their motto). 

The Orchid Mall
 "Your Complete Online Orchid Resource Center" 

Orchid Wire 
Here's a site with many helpful links. 

          (Suggest a site that you like. We'll add it.)

Other Groups (Neighbors) You Might Find Interesting--

The Illinois Natural History Survey
Its mission is protecting Illinois' native plant resources, including orchids.

Grand Prairie Friends of Illinois
Grand Prairie Friends - Prairie Grove Volunteers is a nonprofit organization composed of people who share a commitment to preserving and restoring tallgrass prairie and woodlands in East-Central Illinois.

Rules and By-Laws of the society can be seen by clicking here.

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