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Books & Publications Available To Members From The PSOS Library

The Prairie State Orchid Society has a large selection of books, as well as some periodicals and video resources, available for loan to members only. To save time and expense, email your request at least four days prior to a meeting. The librarian will bring the book or publication to the next regular meeting of the Society and the borrower will sign for it and return it at the next regular meeting.

When requesting a book or other publication, please include title and author, or in the case of publications, dates of each one requested. 

Borrowers are responsible for any damage or loss of the publication or book. 

      TITLE -------- AUTHOR -------- YEAR

100 Orchids For The American Gardener, Elvin McDonald 1992

A Culture Manual For Aerangis Orchid Growers, Fred Hillerman 1989

A Culture Manual For Angraecoid Orchid Growers, Fred Hillerman 1974

A Golden Guide To Orchids, Rev. By Alec Pridgeon 19

An Introduction To The Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids, Fred E. Hillerman and Arthur W. Holst 1999

AOS - An Orchidist's Glossary, AOS 1988

AOS - Growing Orchids, AOS 1990

AOS - Handbook On Orchid Culture, AOS 1993

AOS - Handbook On Orchid Pests and Diseases, AOS 

AOS - Orchid Culture Under Lights (pamphlet), Richard Peterson 1996

AOS Celebrates Diamond Jubilee, AOS 1998

**Blue Cattleyas - The Collected Articles, Carson E. Whitlow, 1992

Cattlea - Brazilian Biofoliate Cattleyas, Guido J. Braem 

**Cattleyas and Their Relatives, The Debatable epidendrums, Carl Withner, 2004

Cattleyas & Their Relatives, The Vol. I The Cattleyas, Carl Withner 1992

Cattleyas & Their Relatives, The Vol. II The Laelias, Carl Withner 1990

Cattleyas & Their Relatives, The Vol. III The Schomburgkia, Sophronitus and Other South America Genera, Carl Withner 1991

Cattleyas and Their Relatives, The Vol. IV The Bahamian & Caribbean Species, Carl Withner 1983

Cattleyas and Their Relatives, The Vol. V Brassavola, Encyclia and Other Genera of Mexico and Central America, Carl Withner 1976 1998

Culture of The Phalaenopsis Orchids, Bob Gordon 1991

Cymbidiums - Your Guide To A Rewarding Pastime, Graham and Sue Guest 

Dendrobium Orchids of Australia, Walter T. Upton 

Dendrobiums, An Introduction To The Species In Cultivation, Sybella Schelpe & Joyce Stewart 

Endangered & Threatened Species of Illinois: Status and Distribution, Vol. I Plants, 

Field Guide To Orchids of North America, John G. and Andrew Williams 

The Genus Pleione, Phillip Cribb and Ian Butterfield 

Greenhouse Gardening - Gardening Under Glass - Building Ideas, A Sunset Book 

Greenhouses - Planning, Installing and Using Greenhouses, Ortho Books 

Growing Cymbidium Orchids and other Flowers, Louis M Boyle, Times-Mirror Press

Growing Orchids - The Specialist Orchid Grower, J.N. Rentoul 

Growing Orchids Book I Cymbidiums and Slippers, J.N. Rentoul

Growing Orchids Book II The Cattleyas and Other Epiphytes, J.N. Rentoul 

Growing Orchids Book III Vandas, Dendrobiums and Others, J.N. Rentoul 

Growing Orchids Book IV The Australasian Families, J.N. Rentoul 

Hardy Orchids - Orchids For The Garden and Frost-free Greenhouse, 

**Home Orchid Growing, Rebecca Tyson Northern, 1970

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids, Alec Pridgeon 1993

Learn To Grow Under Florescent Lights (pamphlet), Mrs. RD Morrison 1988

Orchid Biology Reviews and Perspectives V, Edited By Joseph Arditti 1986

Orchid Seedling Care, Bob Gordon 1999

Orchid Species Culture - Pescatorea, Phaus, Phalaenopsis, Pholidota, Margaret l. and Charles O. Baker 1985

Phragmipedium and Pleione Orchids, Greg Alikas and Ned Nash 1988

Orchids As Houseplants, Rebecca Tyson Northen 1991

Orchids of Guatemala, Oaks Ames and DS correll 2000

Orchids Simplified, Henry Jaworski 1976

Orhids Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening, Alice Skelsey, 1978

Orchids Wonders of Nature Takashi Kijima, 1988

**Out West Growing Cymbidium Orchids and Other flowers, Louis M. Boyle, 1952

**Pathiopedlium Species, Henry Oakley/Guido Braem, 2011

The Slipper orchids, Catherine Cash 1992

Talk On Oncidiums, Jerry Delaney 1990

The 1998 Directory of Public Gardens National Home Gardening Club, 

The Orchid Tourist - An International Guide to Public Orchid Collections, 

Vandas & Ascocendas and Their Combinations With Other Genera, David Grove 1998

Whys and Wherefores of Orchid Culture - Selections from The Orchid Digest, 2002

Wild Orchids Across North America, Philip Keenan 1995

The World of Catasetums, Arthur W. Holst 1960 1998

Place your book order via the email contact form on this website. 

If you have a suggestion for additional books the Society should purchase, email the title, author and any additional information you can provide. (The book's ISBN number would be very helpful.) If it fits the budget and the Librarian thinks it would be appropriate, it may be purchased.




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